The Pernice To Me Custom Puppet Private Show Contest

Enter to Win!

It is true. 100 years from now, this point in time will be referred to as Joe’s “Puppet Period.”

So, we’ve talked about touring its futility and money-sucking properties. Probably not going to happen. And if you’ve been hanging out with us since the release of Goodbye, Killer and its accompanying book, Pernice To Me, you probably know all about the puppets. Well, to appease none of you, we’re going to have the puppets – Joe, Other Pernice, Menck and James – perform, and we’re going to film it for you.

But that’s not all. The puppet likeness of one lucky winner will be the only audience member at this concert. That’s right. We will commission a puppet likeness of one lucky winner and that puppet likeness will win an all expenses paid trip to see this very special private concert. (In fact, Joe MIGHT even pull the puppet likeness of the winner up on stage to dance, a la Courtney Cox and Bruce Springsteen in “Dancing in the Dark,” only this will be more authentic, because it will be real likenesses of real people – not some aspiring starlet and a big-time rock star.) After the concert, the puppet likeness of the winner will be flown, all expenses paid on United State Postal Service Airlines, to the home of the person whose likeness it bears, at which point, we are no longer responsible for him/her/it.

I wish I could tell you WHEN all of this will happen, but I can’t. As much as we love Bobby Smithney, the official puppet maker of the Pernice Brothers, he doesn’t always move fast. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that puppeteers are not generally motivated by fame or money. Or fear. But, once he makes the puppet likeness of the winner, and we get the puppet band together at an undisclosed location, this happening will happen, and then happen again, on the internets.

All you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address below.

* By entering, I affirm that you can add me to your mailing list. I also understand that this mailing list is considered by some to be the best mailing list in the world, and by others to be the email list equivalent of waterboarding. I also understand that I can unsubscribe later, no matter whose feelings get hurt.

* By entering, I affirm that I am at least 18 years of age. (These are some foul-mouthed puppets, and would be a bad influence on children.)

* I affirm that I am entering my own email address and not someone else’s. Because THAT would be a dirty trick, and I’m not a dirty trickster. I further affirm that it’s a valid email address.

Ashmont Records, Inc. is not responsible for mistyped email addresses or spam filters. If the winner cannot be reached within one week via the email address provided, another winner will be chosen.

Deadline for entries is September 10. The winner will be chosen randomly from all entries, and notified by email on September 13. He or she will be asked to provide a photo on which the puppet likeness will be based. One entry per email address.

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