“Goodbye, Killer” Pre-Order

Cover painting by Jeffrey Valluzzi with assistance by Tom Pappalardo.

Pre-order Pernice Brothers “Goodbye, Killer,” Get Free “Pernice To Me” Book

Pernice Brothers Goodbye, Killer, the first Pernice Brothers record since 2006, will be released on June 15, 2010. If you pre-order the new CD directly from us, you will also receive a copy of Joe’s and Joyce’s new book Pernice to Me, a chronicle of close to two years’ worth of petulant banter between the two, most of which has appeared on Twitter. It’s funny stuff. The perfect bound, paperback book will be about 80+ pages, and feature an introduction by Joe, in which he tries, unsuccessfully, to distance himself from the material that came out of his own mouth.

The Fine Print

Pernice To Me BookPre-order offer expires June 5, 2010 at midnight EDT. All pre-orders will be shipped to arrive no later than June 15 in the United States. This is provided, of course, the post office cooperates. International orders will be shipped around the same time, but we make no claim as to their arrival day, because you just never know when an Icelandic volcanic ash cloud is going to ruin your day.

Important Note!

The original pre-order offer expired June 1. We have extended it a couple of days, and will include the free book in orders place by June 5, BUT it may NOT be autographed. We will probably run out of autographed copies once we have filled the original pre-orders. Sorry.

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You can download “Jacqueline Susann,” a free MP3 from the forthcoming release.

John Cunningham “1998-2002″ Pre-Order

We’re doing a non-Pernice record, also on June 15. We have the honor of releasing two of John Cunningham’s criminally overlooked albums – Homeless House and Happy-go-unlucky on one CD. It also contains an extra, unreleased track. You can order that record from our web store as well, and if you pre-order from us, I will send you a link to a great live version of Joe Pernice and John Cunningham performing the latter’s “Imitation Time.” It was recorded by Steven Kray at Oregon Public Radio (www.opbmusic.org) in the fall of 2009.

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If you plan to pre-order both the Pernice Brothers and John Cunningham CD’s you can just click continue shopping after clicking on one of the links.

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