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August 20, 2015

Meet Roger Lion

Hello friends! Hope your summer’s going well. Andrea Kremer here again, with the latest in a series of sporadic (we prefer “eagerly anticipated”) updates from Pernice World Headquarters, here in sunny Boston, MA, where I’m happy to report that our snow pile has just about melted. And in other happy developments, Joe has lately taken to calling me “boss,” which pleases me, and which I do not dissuade him from doing, even though we both know who’s really in charge. (Joyce. Of course.)

I have some pretty big news for you today. Last time we spoke, I told you about the New Mendicants, Joe’s partnership with Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. Well, Joe’s actually done it again… he’s formed a NEW band, with another musical partner. This new project is called Roger Lion. And I wanted you to know all the details. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

- Roger who?
Roger Lion is a musical collaboration between Joe Pernice and Seattle-based producer Josh Karp, who goes by the stage name Budo. Budo’s past credits include a 2005 album called The Language of My World, by some guy named Macklemore, who apparently enjoys thrift shop clothing, and who is pretty popular with the kids. The genesis of the band is probably best explained by Joe himself:

I get a Twitter message from Budo: “I’d love to remix a Scud Mountain Boys track.”

Me (to my wife): Here we **** go again.

Wife: Do you even know who he is?

Me: What’s there to know? He’s some young white kid who plays with Macklemore. (Long silence) Hello? You know, Macklemore? That tune Pawn Shop?

Wife: And that is exactly why you will always be a dinosaur in the new economy.

Me: I bet he wears those enormous red-framed glasses Sally Jessie Raphael wore before he was even conceived.

Wife: You’re an idiot.

Me: I can see this prick now with his Nazi U-boat pilot haircut, eating artisanal pepperoncini while cruising Seattle on a **** penny farthing.

Wife: Let’s divorce.

But then Joe listened to one of Budo’s records and fell in love, and the rest… well, you know the rest.

- So what does this “Roger Lion” sound like? And where can I hear some music?
The experts weigh in:

Brooklyn Vegan: ”Roger Lion’s music has an almost trip hop feel, with lushly-orchestrated beats that fit well with Pernice’s honeyed vocal style.” (Stream “Redemption is a Myth” –

WXPN: ”Roger Lion doesn’t have any of the alt-country musical markings of the Scud Mountain Boys or the indie-rock classic AM radio lean of The Pernice Brothers…. something completely awesome and different, with soft beats, lilting horn and string arrangements, and fuzzy, tripped out electric guitar riffs…” (Stream “A Dead Man’s Song” –

The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog:  “…a spare beat that ebbs and flows around subtly lush string arrangements and glints of acoustic guitar, the song has a dream-like feel accentuated by hazy vocals from Pernice…” (Stream “Telescope” -

- Can I buy the Roger Lion album?
Yes! In fact, you can. The self-titled debut album will be out on Sept. 18th, on vinyl, cd and digital, but you can pre-order it from Team Love Records right now:

- Can I see them live?
Maybe! We’re working on it. For updates, point your browser at: Or check the Pernice Brothers’ tour page at and we’ll post ‘em as we get ‘em.

- Facebook? Twitter?
Of course. and Let’s be friends.

One more quick note:  Josh and Joe are working on a video for a new song from the forthcoming album, called “Love Surrendered.” The video will feature a collage of photos from same-sex wedding ceremonies. If you have a photo you’d like to have included in the video collage, shoot me an email at andrea@ashmontrecords.comand I’ll give you the details.

More soon, I promise. In the meantime, stay cool out there!

Andrea (aka The Boss)

Andrea @ 11:49 am