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June 24, 2013

Message from Joe: new Scud Mountain Boys record

First, let me get this out of the way. The Scud Mountain Boys have reformed after 15 years. If you’re interested in reading about how our reformation took place, there will be more about that in a later missive.

And we have a new album coming out on July 9, 2013 on Ashmont Records. The record is called Do You Love the Sun. If you didn’t like the other Scud Mountain Boys albums (Pine Box; Dance the Night Away; Massachusetts) you won’t like Do You Love the Sun.

Okay, that’s done. Here’s a brief history and special deal for any of you folks who might want to buy the new album:

Soon before the Scud Mountain Boys signed with Sub Pop in 1995, we headed into Michael Deming’s Studio .45 in Hartford, Connecticut to track with Deming and our friend Thom Monahan. We recorded and mixed a few songs over a weekend. We were supposed to sign with Sub Pop a few weeks after the sessions, but the deal was taken hostage by our old label when they threatened a nuisance lawsuit. (Within minutes of receiving the call from my lawyer telling me our old label was trying to fuck us, one of my sisters called to tell me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a bad day.)

The Sub Pop deal was delayed for a stressful month. The songs from the Studio .45 session were simply forgotten. (Either that or we thought it would be indie-cred-suicide to add them to the fruits of later sessions. Cut us some slack. It was a strange time in a number of ways.)

Thankfully, my sister has been cancer-free since early 1997, the dude from our old label fell off the face of the earth, and indie cred is still dead. And since the Scud Mountain Boys are releasing Do You Love the Sun, our first LP since 1996, we figured it would be marginally okay to make these tracks available.

Here’s the deal: If you pre order Do You Love the Sun from Ashmont Records before July 4, 2013, you’ll receive by snail mail (on or before the street date!!!) your copy of the new CD, plus a numbered, limited edition three-song CD called Drowned. The three Pernice-penned songs have never been released. This CD will only be available through this deal. After the deadline passes Drowned will go out of print. So if you like owning stuff, get it here. Plus, it’s free.

The track listing for the Drowned CD is as follows:

1. Drowned
2. Drive Me Around
3. Son of a Bitch

Again, the deadline is July 4, 2013.
Go to here for ordering details.

Joe Pernice

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