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February 16, 2012

Get me some gigs.

My dearest friend:

I always feel bad when writing one of these after Joe has played a bunch of shows, because there are inevitably a bunch of new people joining the list. I think they must feel like I did that day some years ago when I mistakenly walked into MK 433: Advances in Understanding Consumer Decision-making & Behavior instead of AMST 337 Irish American Literature and Culture. Also, I know how to use the internet and see things like this, and get 2.7 response emails per post telling me our communications to you are stupid/boring and/or offensive. I learned in my short time in MK433 that those 2.7 represent about 14.8 who don’t know that their email client features a delete key, so I try to be a little sensitive to them, but it doesn’t always work. I’m not very considerate.

Anyway, for those of you who need the headlines now, here they are: The reunited Scuds have four more shows scheduled, in Hoboken, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Toronto, starting this weekend. (John Brodeur opens the U.S. shows) Joe’s also doing four shows in the south – that’s right, the SOUTH, like south of Quincy – with pals John Wesley Harding and Rick Moody in March. From the email exchanges I’ve seen between the three, there will be singing. There could be reading. There might be eating. There will be shenanigans. They COULD be playing together. They COULD be playing separately. Joe COULD have his hands on the frets while Wes strums and Rick writes a new novel on stage. Or not. I don’t know. AND Joe is playing two solo shows on the west coast (WEST of Worcester), in Santa Monica and San Francisco, in June. (The Douglas Fir acoustic opens the west coast shows.)


Feb. 17, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

Feb. 18, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA

Feb. 19, Black Cat, Washington, DC

Feb. 25, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON


March 28, Milsaps College, Jackson, MS

Ticket info TBA

March 29, Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA

March 30, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

March 31, Stage Door Theater, Charlotte, NC


May 30, Bunk Bar, Portland, OR (Chickfactor Party)

May 31, Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA

June 1, McCabe’s, Santa Monica, CA

How did all this happen, you ask? Here’s your answer. (I cannot stress strongly enough that this video is not safe for work, children, or Joe’s sister Judy. It contains profanity, not to mention violent hopelessness and naked ambition.)

The “new positive Joe” (with opposable thumbs, one would hope) as he has taken to calling himself, says he’s going to do more shows this year. We’ll see. What really happened here is that John Wesley Harding is a force of nature who proposed playing their way home from the lucrative college gig at the beginning of that southern run. As for the west coast dates, NPJoe figured out that he could pay for his plane ticket to a bike show in Los Angeles by playing a couple of shows. We’re also still working on finishing up that new Pernice Brothers record we’ve been talking about since 1989 (it seems). And we’re are working on a second volume of Pernice to Me I guess, if by “working on” we mean backing up my twitter feed and sending it to the printer.

Also, if any of you want to help us move, please visit and buy some of this Pernice/Ashmont stuff in the basement. It’s finally happening; Ashmont is moving from Ashmont to another part of Dorchester. We’re not changing our name though. We’re moving to the Cedar Grove/Lower Mills border. The former just doesn’t have the same street cred as Ashmont, which is important when you’re marketing pop songs, and the latter would sound like a bluegrass label. The dog will also keep his moniker, since the other dogs would make fun if he was called Charlie Lower Mills.

Anyway, I hope to see many of you this weekend as I work the merch table for the Scuds. But please don’t touch me. At my advanced age, the cold one of you gave me last month during that first run of dates nearly did me in. I’m going to set up a plexiglass counter like the one they have here at my post office in the hood, where the money and the goods are passed through an airtight chamber. Don’t be offended though. I still love you from behind the screen, be it plexiglass or LED.

Bye for now,


Dorchester, Mass.






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