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May 2, 2011

Ontario. That’s all.

My Dearest Friend:

We haven’t corresponded in a while (unless you’re one of the ten people following me around on the social media telling me where Joe Pernice should play or what songs he should cover – keep those cards and letters coming!). The radio silence has gone on for so long that I feel a little funny contacting you now, when the big news is nothing more than two shows in Ontario this week (May 5 at Casbah, Hamilton; May 6 Dakota Tavern, Toronto). But you ARE family, and it’s important we keep the lines of communication open.

That’s all. Or is it?

The band (Joe, Bob, James, Peyton, and Charlie Ashmont’s boyfriend Menck) was here in March, and they ate dinner at the Ashmont Grill or Tavolo almost every night, breakfast at McKenna’s every morning and had lunches at Pat’s Pizza, Mrs. Jones’ Soul Food, Lorenz Island Kuisine, Grand Chau Chau and Stefano’s. We also enjoyed a couple of trips to Phillip’s Candy House, where Menck bought himself a tummy-ache, in the form of a few pounds of chocolate turtles. We also had copious amounts of Irish brown bread from the Greenhills Bakery, and gallons of coffee from Flat Black. We only left Dorchester once, for a very special treat – a reading by Jonathan Coe, one of our favorite authors. Somewhat less importantly, they worked on a new record, which is almost done. When is it coming out, you ask? – though you already know the answer: “it’s complicated.” Ashmont World HQ is moving at some point this year, because Charlie Ashmont needs a yard, and the band needs more space for all the recording they’re going to be doing in the hopes of padding all of our woefully underfunded 401Ks, and therefore, we don’t know where to have the records delivered. Once we figure out when this move will occur, and Charlie has chosen his room so that we can decide which room will hold the CD’s, we’ll pick a release date. I PROMISE- you’ll be the first 6000 to know. I do know that Joe is VERY excited about these songs, and that there are some special guests. No one will tell me who they are though, on account of my well-documented twitter trigger finger.

Speaking of moving, I’m happy to say that you can help me! I’m determined to get every piece of junk out of this house, one piece at a time, via the United States Postal Service, despite their hatred of me, and to that end, I have posted on ebay the half a box of 2003 Lyric books I found in a long forgotten corner of the house. You’ll find those here, at a reasonable price. I get asked about these items frequently, and figured this was the fairest way to distribute. These are not autographed copies. If you don’t know what these are, you probably don’t want one. And, not that I don’t love hearing from you, but before you ask, I do NOT have any copies of any of the bonus CD’s that we’ve sent out with releases we’ve done over the years. We only ever made as many of those as we had orders for, and I’ve already packed up the CD duplicator and the mimeograph contraption.

In addition, because I’d rather sell them piece by piece than move then en masse, CD’s and t-shirts in the store are still DEEPLY discounted. If you’re on this list, you probably already have everything, but maybe you’re like me, and get easily tricked into buying copies of things you already have. You’ll find that stuff in the store.

That’s all I have for now. I hope there will be more soon. But I’m not making any promises. That always leads to trouble.

Yours truly,

Dorchester, Mass.

Joyce @ 5:05 pm