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August 8, 2010

Joe’s Puppet Period

My dearest friend,

100 years from now, this point in time will be referred to as Joe’s “Puppet Period.”

Pernice To Me (The Revenge of Joe Pernice)
So, we’ve talked about touring – its futility and money-sucking properties. Probably not going to happen. And if you’ve been hanging out with us since the release of Goodbye, Killer and its accompanying book, Pernice To Me, you probably know all about the puppets. There are now five episodes of Pernice To Me (The Revenge of Joe Pernice). My favorite is episode 4: “LBJ.” Joe refers to episode 5, “Sync License/What’s Our Plan?” as our Empire Strikes Back. I think it’s more Bunuel than Lucas, but he’s really the auteur, so I defer to him. I’d say feel free to let me know what YOU think, but if past experience is any indicator, I don’t have to say that.

Anyway, to appease none of you, we’re going to have the puppets – Joe, Other Pernice, Menck and James – perform, and we’re going to film it for you. It is true. The puppets will play. But that’s not all. Your own puppet likeness could actually be there.

Announcing The Pernice To Me Custom Puppet Private Rock Show Contest
The puppet likeness of one lucky winner will be the only audience member at this concert. That’s right. We will commission a puppet likeness of one lucky winner and that puppet likeness will win an all expenses paid trip from the lab in Somerville to the living room in Dorchester to see this very special private concert. (In fact, Joe MIGHT even pull the puppet likeness of the winner up on stage to dance, a la Courtney Cox and Bruce Springsteen in “Dancing in the Dark,” only this will be more authentic, because it will be real likenesses of real people – not some aspiring starlet and a big-time rock star.) After the concert, the puppet likeness of the winner will be flown, all expenses paid, on United States Postal Service Airlines, to the home of the person whose likeness it bears, at which point, we are no longer responsible for him/her/it.

I wish I could tell you WHEN all of this will happen, but I can’t. As much as we love Bobby Smithney, the official puppet maker of the Pernice Brothers, he doesn’t always move fast. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that puppeteers are not generally motivated by fame or money. Or fear. But, once he makes the puppet likeness of the winner, and we get the puppet band together, this happening will happen, and then happen again on the internets.

All you have to do is enter your email address at this page:

Deadline for entries is September 3. The winner will be announced on September 7. One entry per email address. You must be at least 18 to enter, because these are some foul-mouthed puppets.

Feel free to spread the word to help us out, selflessly overlooking the fact that it will lessen your chances of winning. It’s the right thing to do.

Other news – IFSGWIS paperback
The paperback of Joe’s novel It Feels So Good When I Stop is out, and I have copies for sale in the store . If you’re okay waiting until later in the month for your delivery, I can get Joe to autograph it. (Just an autograph. No personalization, because we always screw that up. It is best to recognize one’s limitations.)

The REASON I can get it autographed is because I’ve heard through Joe’s lawyers that he’s planning on being in Dorchester with various members of the Pernice Brothers rock band, recording in the attic of a certain modest bungalow belonging to a long-suffering woman who someone should nominate for beatification soon (namely, me). Now, just because they’re starting something doesn’t mean they’re going to finish it anytime soon, but since I’ve been told to order a substantial quantity of tonic/pop/soda (depending of WHICH Pernice Brother you are) and chocolate, and to make up all of the guest rooms, I believe there will be large group coming. I’ve been told to retrieve Menck at the airport on Friday, and I, of course, always do as I’m told. I will let you know as much as I can glean from my proximity and spying.

For those of you who blip, tweet, slurp, slide and whatnot, we have uploaded the entire Ashmont catalog to, so that you can easily share the music with your friends. The John Cunningham record should be there as well. Go forth and blip, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You Tube
I collected all of our videos, live recordings, cribs/rides videos, and videos other people made using Pernice Music (except for those weird ones of static album covers) and made a channel on YouTube. It’s here if you want to look at it.

That’s all I have for now. Charlie would send his best if he wasn’t passed out at my feet, completely tired out by all of the eating and sleeping that he does. And yes, there is a Charlie puppet too. He wants to eat it.

You people are great.

Warm regards,

Dorchester, Mass.

Joyce @ 2:48 pm