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June 27, 2010

New Video, No Lyrics, Parenting Advice

My dearest friend: There’s a Jacqueline Susann video. We spent all $47 CDN in profit we made on the pre-orders to make it, and thus, have depleted the tour support fund. But, we think you’ll agree it was worth it. If you have a blog, or are planning to do an electronic family holiday card [...]

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Video: Jacqueline Susann

Pernice Brothers – “Jacqueline Susann” from Joyce Linehan on Vimeo.

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June 17, 2010

Will he/they tour?

By far, the most FA’dQ is “Are there any tour plans?” You are old enough now to understand that life is complicated. I am asked daily about touring, and I do my best to answer without answering the question to which I don’t have an answer. I think you’ve reached a level of maturity that [...]

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June 16, 2010

Q & A re: P2M

This is the complete correspondence between Boston Phoenix writer Eugenia Williamson and me on June 13, which was done for a nice piece she wrote about Pernice To Me. EW: How often do you use Twitter? When do tweet most often? Why did you decide to include the date and time of each tweet? JL: [...]

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June 15, 2010

Will they tour? Also, pirates.

My dearest friend: Happy release day, everyone! Thanks to EVERYONE who ordered the CD. We are VERY grateful for your support. I hope you’re enjoying your CDs and books. Thanks as well to everyone who ordered extra things, especially the Charlie Ashmont t-shirts. As promised $1 from the sale of each of those is donated [...]

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