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May 14, 2010

Streaming 3 more songs, and an explanation for our silence

My dearest friend:

I meant to write sooner, but it’s been CRAZY around here. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath (especially Charlie Ashmont, though his is baited, as in it smells like fish bait) for the President to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court. We knew that Pernice was on the short list, so we really couldn’t make any plans around the new record, not knowing if he’d be available for mall appearances and whatnot. I actually heard from a Beltway insider that the reason he wasn’t chosen was because the administration was afraid of a second volume of Pernice to me, by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Joe Pernice, and THAT would be a national embarrassment. Of course, it’s not over, what with a whole summer of partisan bickering about to become the national pastime, despite the fact that everyone here claims to be sick to death of partisan bickering. (Not me of course; I love ANY kind of bickering. It’s my life force.) Therefore, we’re not planning any touring yet, because if the President is forced to go back to his list, Joe could be the one for SCOTUS. (There IS a shortage of misanthropic humanists in that body.) And I don’t want to have to undo all that work I don’t want to do in the first place.

Those of you who are flummoxed by Joe’s reticence about touring should revisit the “Cribs” video on the website. If you lived in that kind of splendor, would you want to leave? I doubt it.

We are now streaming THREE MORE songs from the new album, which comes out June 15. These are different from the three that we had been streaming prior to today. We hope you like them. They are here:

Thank you SOOOOO much to all of you who have pre-order the record. So far, we’ve used the money wisely. We ordered some fancy snacks to have for our marathon book signing session in a couple of weeks, some vintage bike gear, a new fridge for storing the half-and-half during recording sessions, and new software so Joe can make some more big-budget videos. If you missed it, if you pre-order the new record, “Goodbye, Killer” (out June 15) by June 1, you will receive, along with your CD, an autographed copy of Joe’s and my new book “Pernice To Me.” Details here:

We’ve already started working on Volume 2 of “Pernice To Me,” (which mostly happens on Twitter and a little on Facebook). Here are a few samples that did NOT make it into Volume 1:

Pernice to me 1/2: What do I need to do to sell records? Me: You need some street cred. Work on that.
4:06 PM May 3rd via web

Pernice to me 2/2: P: OK, how about next time I come to Dorchester, I pop a cap in your ass. Will that work? M: It might.
4:06 PM May 3rd via web

Pernice to me: Joyce, it’s news flash, not hot flash. Put that in your tweet box.
8:50 AM May 6th via web

Pernice to me: Have a nice day, Joyce. Now twist that around and tweet it to make me look like an asshole. (Done!)
8:51 AM May 6th via web

Me to Pernice: My asshole neighbor is cutting down 10 trees to make a parking lot. P: Go chain yourself to one. It’s not like you’re working.
10:31 AM May 6th via web

I want it noted that the first Pernice To Me tweet pre-dates the first Sh*t My Dad says by a LOT. So what if he has a million followers and a book deal? We’re scrappy. If you can be scrappy in middle age. If not, then we’re delusional. Also desperate.

As you also know if you’ve been playing along, we’re also releasing a collection of John Cunningham’s work on the-little-label-that-tried-really-hard-but-not-hard-enough-to-provide-a-living-for-anyone. You can download, for free, my very favorite track from that record here: You can thank me later. If you pre-order his record from us, I will also send you, free of charge, an MP3 of Joe Pernice and John performing one of John’s songs. It was recorded last year at Oregon Public Radio. Details are on the same page as the Pernice Brothers pre-order info, at the link above.

Keep those cards and letters coming. I especially like the ones that come from people whose high school hall monitor was Menck’s mom, Canadians who think I should charge more for the CD, people who think that the pre-order special should have had something to do with Joe’s beard hair (ewwwww), people who berate me for sending too-short emails, people who berate me for sending too-long emails, and people who think I am funny, especially when I’m not trying to be.

Just remember. We Love the Stage.

Yours truly, no matter how you feel about it,

Dorchester, Mass.

Joyce @ 10:06 am