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December 19, 2009

Ray Neades

Joe asked me to post this, from Frank Padellaro, about a project to honor the memory of Ray Neades, a friend of his.

From Frank:

Hi Everyone,

Most of you already know about the passing of our friend Ray Neades, but if this is the first you’ve heard it, I’m really sorry to report that Ray died in his sleep earlier this week.  I’ve found myself having long phone and email conversations with old friends, too long unspoken to, which has been really wonderful, and just another example of something I love about Ray.  He brought people together.  If you play in a band, he probably introduced you to someone you’re playing with or a band you’ve done a show with.  He might have given you a gig or provided a contact to get a show.  And unlike others (including myself) with Ray this was never a quid pro quo arrangement.  He wanted all his friends to like his friends.  Ray, among other things, got me my first show and my best job.  He introduced me to some of my best friends and helped get 2 of my band’s records released.  Remarkably, all this happened without him wanting ANYTHING in return.

But repeatedly this week I’ve heard from Ray’s friends about a song he introduced to them, or a band they heard for the first time because of him.  I think that might be, even more than his considerable talents as a musician, his most enduring legacy.  He was an evangelist for music.  He was spreading the WORD of rock.  It wasn’t to tell you how cool he was, but more like he found some brief peace and beauty in something that he wanted to share with EVERYONE, just as a Jehovah’s Witness might bang on your door and desperately try to SAVE YOUR EVERLASTING SOUL.  Maybe he delivered the message so urgently, because he needed the peace it brought so badly.

So, in celebration of his life, without forgetting the bad, let’s embrace the good all the more, because I can’t imagine how a guy that went through so much could still live his life with such a big warm and generous heart.  Many great people have been made petty grasping and cold by a lot less.

I’m asking people who knew Ray to respond to this email, to post the questionaire below on his favorite news groups and to pass the email along to anyone who knew Ray whom I have most certainly missed.  The email addresses I sent this to are hardly comprehensive.  If you’re irritated because you’ve been sent this email more than once, well, sorry.  That’s just the way it is.  Someone you like thought you may have been missed.

The Ray Neades Tribute Project: An Internet Compilation…

The passing of Ray Neades, musician and friend, has reminded us how he lived to introduce anyone he met to new music.  He was an evangelist of music and many of the songs he introduced us to, or found with us, have become important in our lives.  Please respond to this questionnaire with as much or as little detail you can.  The songs don’t have to be cool or obscure, nor from a popular band.  I’m just hoping for submissions that reflect your personal relationship with him that was created through music.  Ray once called me at 11:00 PM to have a 10 minute conversation encouraging me to go back and listen to the guitar tone on Satisfaction, for crying out loud :) , but he also sent me songs from local bands I would have had no other way of ever hearing.  After a lot of submissions, it would be our hope to assemble a list of 40 or 50 songs and add to that some of Ray’s original material with liner notes including the details of the submissions and some great old photos and posters from his shows.

The Questionnaire:

1) Name a song that Ray introduced to you or that you found together (include band name and song title)

2) What do you remember about the day you heard that song with or from Ray?

3) Describe the continuing impact the music had and has on you.

If you can, please feel free to attach a copy of a high quality mp3, especially if the song might be hard to find otherwise, or if there is a particular version that is significant.  All replies can be made to

It would be great, if you had any stories to share for the project, live banter from Ray, show posters, or band photos, to please attach those also.  Even if you didn’t know Ray well enough to reply to the information above, simply email us to receive a link to the finished project after it has been completed.

Joyce @ 7:54 pm