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August 24, 2009

Tangentially yours

My dearest friend:

As we pack our bags to head west this week, far away from this Martha’s Vineyard madness, I have some tidbits of news (with commentary) to share with you.


Joe will play live on KEXP, one of the country’s best radio stations tomorrow (Aug. 25) at 3 pm PDT. I believe the performance will also be available later on their web site ( and there is also some talk of videotaping.  I know it’s small solace to the 11 of you who write to me continually to complain about the tour not coming to your town, but it’s going to have to do.  Also, we have been videotaping many of the shows, and as soon as I figure out how to plug in all the cables without shorting out my curling iron (priorities), we’ll post some.  This touring stuff is expensive. These guys expect a certain level of comfort.  For instance, each selfishly insists on his own bed in a hotel room, as opposed to a spot on the floor of the litter box room at the home of the mother and step-father of a well-meaning fan. They also insist on eating more than once a day, and though I’ve tried, the guy at the gas station won’t accept thanks from the stage in lieu of cash.  At this point, it would be cheaper for me to fly each of you to the show of your choice, put you up and buy you dinner. I’m certainly not going to do any of that, but it would be cheaper.

Joe stopped by WFMU a couple of weeks ago to play, and that performance can be found here. Check out the comments board.  My favorite is “Who is Joe Pernice, and why should I care?” I ask myself this every day, but no, I didn’t post it. If I was going to use an alias, it wouldn’t be Texas Scott.  It wouldn’t be Texas anything right now, because as much as I love you, Russell, WOXY and those two other guys, that nonsense with the rewriting of the history books is more than I can abide.  Can you do something about that?

Joe has taped a few other radio/web broadcast-type things, including Rabid in the Kennel with our pal Jack Rabid, a session for AOL, and a full-length concert for The Loft on Sirius/XM. I’ll let you know when I hear about broadcast.  News of this kind also quickly ends up on our Facebook page, at, so you should sign up. The best thing about the Facebook page is that when the status is updated, it LOOKS like Joe is actually the one who wrote the status update. But he didn’t. I did. I try to remember to sign my name, to avoid confusion, but some people obviously think he’s conversing with them. It’s a little creepy to see my words looking like they’re coming out of Joe’s mouth, but I can’t decide whether it’s creepy/good or creepy/bad. I’ll get back to you on that.


If you’re coming to any of the west coast shows, you should get there early, because the opportunity to see John Cunningham play in the United States is ALMOST as rare as the opportunity to see Joe Pernice play. Honestly. If he wasn’t playing these shows, I’d be staying home, laying on the couch, glued to the television watching the death panel debates, while bitterly twittering unhelpful misinformation to no one.  But he IS playing, so the “debate” will have to rage without me for a few days. In addition, Joe tells me (through his attorney of course) he will join John on a few songs during John’s early sets.

In San Francisco, we expect an on-stage visit from Bob Pernice, who is taking time off from his ultra-complicated science job that he once tried to explain to me as I pretended to listen while writing a grocery list in my head. He’s a really nice man though, so don’t tell him. James Walbourne has also threatened to show up in San Francisco, but he gets lost a lot, so I’m telling only you, in case he’s sidetracked by a pub conversation about cricket or led on a wild goose chase for some coveted mandolin he’ll buy, only to leave it behind in some strange city.  I will not be near the stage, unless Joe asks me to come up and wipe his sweaty forehead with a bar towel, in which case I will have to get near the stage to throw a whiskey bottle at his head, since I, naturally, throw like a girl.  It is also rumored that Peyton Pinkerton may be in San Francisco. I will confirm when my attorney hears from his attorney.

We’ll leave James in San Francisco (but not before getting him home to bed and tucking him in), along with Peyton, but Bob will also tag along to Los Angeles, where, now that Joe is a big-time published author, we’re hoping to attract some A-list Hollywood stars, instead of the B-listers we can’t seem to shake.

Speaking of James, I got to see him play with the Pretenders again a couple of weeks ago here in Boston. He was spectacular. I do believe it will be difficult to contain him on a Pernice Brothers stage next tour.  He’ll need his own stage. Actually, he’ll need to be on the main stage, and the rest of the band can be on a side stage, like a local band that won a chance to play to no one at Lollapalooza in their hometown. (Does anyone have stats on suicide rates after gigs like that? Would make a for an interesting psychology grad school paper.) We started the evening with the traditional on-Boston-Harbor pre-concert clam roll (With bellies. Don’t get me started. My feelings on this are well-documented. You might as well roll some shoe laces in batter and fry them if you’re just going to eat clam strips. You’re an embarrassment.) and it only got better from there. I wish I’d had as much going on as Chrissie Hynde when I was her age.  Her most appropriate words of wisdom that night – “This one’s for the gentleman, as if there are any here tonight.” – were borne out later when, on my way out of the concert I was asked on a date by a man who thinks sweatpants are appropriate outdoor wear. I declined, thinking Chrissie would tell me that if I try really hard, I can do better.


By now, you’ve all read Joe’s debut novel It Feels So Good When I Stop, and are ready for September book club where we’ll all discuss it over green tea.  It, as well as the accompanying CD, has been well reviewed, and I’ve been trying to post the notices on the new website ( but I am admittedly behind. Joe will have a short story published by, at the end of the month, as part of their “Infinite Summer” project. See


By popular demand, Charlie Ashmont/Dorchester, Mass. tees are back in stock in all men’s and women’s sizes in kelly green and one new color – red, as well as a few assorted additional colors.  Please don’t tell Joe that the dog shirt has outsold any shirt with his band’s name on it by a margin of 6 to 1.  Charlie, who has recently been a little upset with the exploitation of his likeness without compensation, is forcing us to donate $1 from every Charlie shirt sold to or To get yourself a shirt, go to, and scroll down about halfway.


Peyton is on tour starting next week with New Radiant Storm King, his other band (as opposed to his other other band, as someone pointed out to me) and you can see those tour dates here:


I welcome your correspondence about all things Pernice/Ashmont/boy trouble, but for the love of all that is holy, please at least TRY to be clever. I’m bored out of my skull here.

Your faithful servant,


Dorchester, Massachusetts

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