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August 16, 2009

Respecting One’s Property

Stocking SculptureSo, I have a wake to go to in an hour, which means putting on a dress for the first time since the last funeral. I KNEW I had one pair of brand new nylons last time I looked, several months ago. Since it’s basically just Charlie and me here, why on earth would I think that they wouldn’t be there? They weren’t. I’m searching the house high and low, and I go up to the Pernice “studio” (past the no girlz allowed sign, up the stairs to the attic in the house on which I paid the mortgage) and look what I found. It appears to be my last pair of new nylons, cut up and made into some kind of low rent wind screen for a microphone. Adorable, aren’t they?

Joyce @ 11:09 am