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January 23, 2009

An Update from Joe

Hello from Conservative Canada. Hope this finds everyone at the very least, healthy. If I had to choose between the need for self actualization and not being sick, well hell, that’s no choice at all.

I’m aware of the fact I haven’t released an album or posted a new note in a while. Some people were wondering if I’d died. To the best of my knowledge, I am not dead. I am, however, living in a kind of heaven. (The Mormons believe Independence, Missouri is actually the Garden of Eden. Personally, I think they’re being generous, but what the hell. I have no real beef with the Mormons, so long as they don’t try posthumously baptizing me, in which case I’m going to rise from the dead and start taking names.) For my money (today discounted by 23% against the USD, according to a yahoo currency conversion), heaven on earth is Ontario, Canada in the dead of winter. Holy crap, I’ve never been so cold for so long in all my life. Each night my wife and I fight over who gets to wear the stocking cap to bed. Actually that’s not true. I rarely fight her for it because I find that whole Mr. Scrooge look on a lady curiously arousing.

Contrary to what my business partner (Joyce Linehan) might lead some to believe, I have been busy at work. I officially finished my novel for Riverhead Books. I’m very excited about how it turned out. (One of the only things left to do is wait out this unsightly blemish so I can have my author’s photo taken. Isn’t it always that way, right before a big publication?)

The novel is called It Feels So Good When I Stop. It’s scheduled to be published in September of this year, and as the date firms up, you’ll certainly hear about it. It’s not a book for kids, which is a general way of saying it’s not for anyone offended by raw language and sex. I sent an email to my family telling them that my book should not be read by anyone under twenty-one, anyone over fifty-five and Judy (my sister).

Which brings me to the next project: The first of two Joe Pernice albums. Though the book is not explicitly about music, there are quite a few incidental (and not so incidental) musical references throughout. Songs ranging from James and Bobby Purify’s I’m Your Puppet to The Chill’s Rolling Moon to That’s How I Got to Memphis by Tom T. Hall to Soul and Fire by Sebadoh. Ashmont Records is planning on releasing in some form—somewhere around the publication of my novel the “soundtrack” to It Feels So Good When I Stop. The recording is in-progress, and I plan on having it wrapped up in February.

Finally, there is another Joe Pernice album of original tunes threatening to hit the market sometime in 2009. I started tracking that record a while ago with Ric Menck, James Walbourne and my brother Bob Pernice. I was planning on calling it Light, Sweet, Crude (in my mind, all three words are adjectives), but some other band beat me to the punch. It’s just as well, I suppose. I’ve decided to call the album Murphy Bed. (If that name is taken, I’m shelving the album for all time.) It’s taken so long to wrap up because when I signed my book deal I decided to put all other projects on hold until the book was done. I mean, really, Riverhead/Penguin was paying me real money. If you think Ashmont Records, Inc. would do in kind, you need to get your wiring checked out. And anyway, the international financial crisis and a handful of bloody conflicts aside, the world has done just fine in my absence from releasing albums.

There are no gigs planned as of yet, though I’m sure I’ll be doing readings and gigs to support the book and both albums. Toying with the idea of mashing a reading and music into a single event and touring on that. Who knows.

Anyway, I see I’m dangerously close to exceeding my self-imposed word count, and I can’t have that.

Best to all.

–JP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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