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July 13, 2008


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Um, gay guys can have kids too. 


I personally wish you’d perpetuate the myth.  It’s better for sales and

niche marketing.  Straight Caucasian male gets me nowhere. 


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Read email from Menck below



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by the way, i went to the record store the other day and the guy behind

the counter asked me what i’d been up to lately. i told him i was

gonna be going to beantown to do some more recording with my buddy joe

pernice, to which he replied, “he just had a kid didn’t he?”  i told

him yes, and that i thought your son was about a year old.  there was a

slight pause and the guy asked, “did he adopt?”, to which i replied,

“no, joe’s beautiful wife gave birth to the boy”.  there was another

pause and the guy looked at me quizically and asked, “but isn’t pernice

gay?” as you can imagine, i laughed my ass off, and after i cleared

the tears from my eyes i asked him why he thought that.  he looked at

me solomnly and said that after reading your smiths book he was

convinced you had to be a fruit.  i hated to do it, but i had to break

it to the guy that your book was actually a work of fiction.


true story.






Joyce @ 5:01 pm