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March 21, 2008

Tim Haslett, R.I.P.

So it would seem that the position of Pernice Brothers’ biggest fan is open now, with the untimely passing of Tim Haslett. Tim was an insatiable music fan, a crusader for social justice, and a lovely man. He was brilliant, but not condescending, committed but not close-minded. His passing leaves me full of regret, as he was one of those people I always meant to spend more time with and never did. It is entirely possible that many of you reading this learned about the band from Tim; he was something of a zealot when it came to the Pernices. I went to his memorial service today in Cambridge, where “Our Time Has Passed” was played, and it was nice to hear the varied perspectives on his too-short time on earth.

My fondest memory of Tim happened around the time we released The World Won’t End. As is our custom, we offered a special home made fan club-only CD, the “Sandwich” EP, with a pre-order of the record. He’d been assigned by Spin to review the record, so he already had an advance, but he insisted on paying for another copy with the bonus CD. But, he wanted to get it as soon as possible. I assured him that I would mail him the first one I made. He asked if he could please come pick it up the minute it was done. So he drove to Dorchester to get the first one off the burner.

On second thought, maybe the position of biggest Pernice fan isn’t open. On second thought, I think we’ll just retire Tim’s number, which, as I recall, was 1/893.

Dorchester, MA

Joyce @ 8:13 pm