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November 18, 2007

housecleaning and nail guns

Hello everyone.  Well not everyone. Hello potential US mail order customers. No, actually, hello everyone. Just because I am extending the offer below to US customers only, doesn’t mean I can’t say hello (bonjour, salaam, guten tag, namaste, wassup, yada yada) to the rest of you. This is especially true because I have every expectation that you’ll be saying more than just “hello” to me after reading this.  I can always count on my geocentricities (I KNOW that’s not a word, for those of you who like to point to my linguistricites) being pointed out by four clever foreigners (there I go “othering” you again) and one nasty Irishman.*

It ‘s time for our semi-occasional clean out the spare room Ashmont holiday sale. I have lowered the prices of Ashmont-released* CD’s to $7 and under, and t-shirts to $14 and under, because I’d rather mail them out of here than move them to the basement. These prices will be good on orders placed between now and December 8 and shipped to addresses in the US. All orders will be shipped no later than December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I have the day off my REAL job and can get to the post office), so you’ll have them in time for Christmas if that’s your aim. Sorry, no autographs (unless you want mine, or you want me to sign Joe’s name) because Joe is in Canada, which means even he can’t take advantage of this special offer.  Visit the store here on the website.

(In the interest of global harmony – if you live outside of the US and REALLY want a deal on merchandise – email me and I’ll offer a discount. The simple truth is I don’t know how to change prices in the international store.)

As for Pernice news, I really don’t have much. Joe’s working on his book, and I haven’t seen him since June, or talked to him since before then.* There’s still a bunch of recording equipment around here in various stages of disrepair, and I’m kind of assuming since I haven’t heard otherwise, that there’s no finished record to release. Every once in a while Bob stops by and makes the long climb to the attic to do some “mixing” but I think he really just goes up there to snuggle with Charlie Ashmont, the American money-Pit Bull terrier, because they wander off for hours. I guess Joe could be talking to other labels, which I would encourage. If I was signed to Joe’s and my label, I’d certainly be devising an exit strategy.

If you haven’t read Joe’s Powell’s poignant and offensive blog about meeting William Gibson, it’s at

I didn’t mention the Carnegie Hall show in my last mini-missive. Actually two of you that I can confirm. I think the third was a record company “viral marketing” plant trying to get me to visit a band’s website (something I haven’t done since 1986) by cleverly (but not cleverly enough) knowing a little something about Ashmont. For the record, we are barely a record company, in a world where the record company is about as relevant as the VCR, and can do less for you than we do for ourselves, which is not much. I didn’t fall for it. Anyway, for the record, according to Joe, the Carnegie event was “the experience of a lifetime.”  Joe was especially smitten with Phoebe Snow.  I didn’t go.  I know – once in a lifetime, blah blah blah.  But there was a new episode of the short-lived television musical “Viva Laughlin”* on that night.

Someone also asked why we Ashmonters don’t use our bully pulpit to take aim at “pinksox.” Pinksox, for those of you who aren’t obsessed with the rantings of a few loud, obnoxious townie Red Sox fans with internet connections at their workstations, are fans who have come to the Red Sox lately. Here’s the thing. I take issue with almost anyone over three who wears pink, but even that is a function of my own color insecurity, as it does nothing but bring out the blotchy red in my fishbelly-white Irish complexion. I just don’t think that kind of vitriol belongs on our website. Other kinds of vitriol have a place certainly, but not that. Speaking of which – who decided that kelly green was a color that the Irish should wear? Seriously. All it does is bring out the jaundice in our skin. It was probably the mischievous St. Patrick, who, as everyone knows, was actually Italian. Joe is of Italian descent, and doesn’t have these problems. Look, we’re a mixed company, and we make it work, because we don’t bring our ethnic differences to the office. But back to the pinksox – I think we should welcome them. My own sister, who is a grown woman but still goes to the hockey games primarily to see the fights, has, on occasion, accused me of being a pinksox because I had to turn away for a while in 1986. But if it wasn’t for pinksox, we probably wouldn’t be able to buy sushi at Fenway, if we could afford to get in, or had any access to tickets at all, so God bless them for that.

That’s really it on the Pernice front. Stop now if you’re not interested in even more useless information than above. We’re having kind of a “The Wire” week around here. As you know, we’re gigantic fans of the best TV show ever made. I went to see a play – “Streamers” – in Boston this week, and was surprised and delighted to find out that Preston “Bodie” Broadus (JD Williams) was the star of the show. He was very good. Friend of Ashmont (FOA) Neal Huff, who has a recurring role on “The Wire”, somehow acquired (an auction I think, or maybe a housebreak) the nail gun used by Chris and Snoop throughout season 4, and gave it to Joe. So don’t make him angry.

A warning to those of you who write to me with your clever questions – I’m thinking about starting a new web feature called “Ask the cranky aging indie-rock hipster who now hates music.” If you send me a dumb question, it will probably end up in print someday.

Thanks for spending part of your day with me.

Dorchester, MA

Sarcasm diffusing asterisk key-
* Sub Pop CD’s still regular price
* I can say this, being a nasty Irish-American myself.
* I have actually spoken to him, through my attorney* (*not really, but I don’t like talking to him because that Skype video thing he insists on using is VERY disturbing)
* Actually it was a new episode of “Life.” I love Damien Lewis’ damaged zen cop.
* Barry Bonds

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