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December 15, 2006

Just when I thought I was out…

The Boston Herald wrote me out of the band in its recent review of Sunday’s TT’s show.

I saw Joe yesterday (and met little Sammy for the first time.) Joe told me that he was as surprised as I by the spurious report of my leaving, but now wasn’t convinced of fratrecide’s being an entirely bad idea. He finally assured me that I could continue in my moonlighting role as bandmember, though to do so would require that I pay to him and his burgeoning cold a tribute of an unopened bottle of fast-dissolving citrus Zicam lozenges.

It was a tough decision. I let him cough and complain for a bit, then drove to one of the three mega pharmacies now anchoring the town of 15,000 apparently very sick people we grew up in, bought the Zicam (I almost chose the throat swabs out of spite) and placed them by his virus-ridden head.

By the way, little Sammy is a sweet baby. He has a gentle disposition and laughs easily, which, not to get all misty or divulge anthing too personal, is exactly how I remember Joe to be as a baby. Truly. Or it could be attributed to the dominance of the Stein gene.


Bob @ 3:12 pm