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November 6, 2006

set list(s)

fun so far, ‘cept peyton randolph harrison pinketron the third getting sprayed w/lighting shrapnel on opening night in pittsburgh. from my vantage point, i’m convinced there was a second light involved, situated just beyond the mixing desk. no other injuries to report. below is the set list from pittsburgh. played the same one on sunday in dayton, with joe & james adding `please mr. please’ by request in the encore. nice people both cities. no trainwrecks. off to food, then woxy, then covington, then, hopefully, faster wireless.

high as a kite

weakest shade of blue

overcome by happiness


water band

conscience clean

bjorn borg


microscopic view

butcher’s tale (zombies cover)

zero refills

there goes the sun

bs johnson

pch 1

baby in 2

cruelty to animals

flaming wreck



working girls



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