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October 4, 2006

Thanks for pre-ordering.

On the whole, I’d say it went very successfully.

Just so people realize, Joyce and I ran (run) the whole show ourselves (with some order-filling/mailing help from Westicle and a friend of Joyce’s who I don’t know.) Anyway, I’m not making any excuses (because this is the business we’ve chosen), but getting all of the pre-orders out (not to mention made) on-time was no small feat. And though it’s hard to believe, we do, in fact sell a fair number of records. And we like being an independent outfit. No system is perfect, but we try every time to dial it in more and more.

This is no shmooze bullshit: I’m well aware of the loyalty of PB fans. The fans make it possible for PB and Ashmont Records to be more than just a hobby. It’s that simple. So, truly, thanks to everyone who buys and enjoys the records. I love making records, and it is sweeter for me when the records mean something to people. Hard to believe, but I have an ego.

Joyce is going to rip me a new one for writing this, but I feel very strongly about it. Now comes the bad part, and I’m sorry there has to be a bad part: To the couple people who wrote rude letters to Joyce (and I’m not talking about the few disappointed people who missed the pre-order deadline. Most of those notes were funny and creative.), I say this: (1) Lighten up. We’re two people doing our best. (2) If you feel you were treated so terribly by Ashmont Records that you’re on the fence as to whether you can support me, my label and my band, well, don’t waste too much of your life thinking about it.

Because I don’t want to end on a downer, I say once again, thanks to everyone who made this pre-order season go smoothly. I hope the records deliver (once the post office delivers.)

Joe @ 9:33 am