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October 3, 2006

How I Spent My Record Release Day

Hint: I didn’t spend it sipping champagne in the Ashmont Records boardroom (Joyce’s kitchen), while yes-men, ill-intentionned floozies and other assorted hangers-on whipsered plaudits in my ear. It was more like this:

5:17: Wake-up, overcome with the rush of Live a Little’s North American release and the Phillies making their first post-season appearance since 1993 falling on the same day. Oh wait, the latter ain’t happening. Fall back to sleep.

6:04: Wake-up, make coffee. Pre-medicate (I got a balky ticker) in anticipation of my first dental visit since 2001 – the last time I had a job and a dental plan.

9:17: Get my choppers x-rayed, scraped, buffed, waxed and detailed. Hirsute dentist tells me I have the gums of a taut pre-teen Swedish boy, then asks me if I’d like to `take a pull off the gas.’

10:47: Return `Devil and Daniel Johnston’ (always thought his story was a lot more interesting than his music and this documentary confirms my belief) to the Princeton Blockbuster with the new Lindsey Buckingham disc `Under the Skin’ (also out today) playing on the CD player.

11:01: Pick up lemons, asparagus, multigrain bread and Pelligrino at the Princeton Whole Foods. Cost: $479.45. Guess they had a sale today.

12:25: Eat lunch.

1:50: Water freshly laid grass seed in back yard and ponder yet again how bloody awful `Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ is, which only makes me pine for the good old Hollywood Babylon days of the Larry Sanders Show. All while listening to my `loaner’ Sirius Stilleto, which truth be told, probably only picks up a good signal if you’re standing in the middle of Kansas.

3:00: Fall alseep watching the end of the Twins/A’s game.

4:00: Awoken by phone call from Red Eye distribution’s Stephen King. The Artie Fufkin of Sacramento. He’s just returning my call from June.

6:07: spin some half-truths about how I spent my record release day

Patrick @ 6:30 pm