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September 30, 2006

Pre-order special deadline passed

Please note that the deadline for pre-ordering the new CD with the bonus demos/outtakes thingie has passed. We made enough to fill the orders we had (thank you!) and are too tired to make any more. I will say though, I have enjoyed some of the emails I have received in the days since the Sept. 22 deadline, with all of the stories about why the deadline was missed, and why I should make exceptions. There is an aptitude for justification among PB’s fans that I believe is unparalleled outside of the fields of law and politics. It’s good to know how resourceful and clever you guys can be.

We don’t say it enough – thanks for all of the support. We are very grateful.


Ashmont CE(verything but music)O

Dorchester, MA

Joyce @ 7:26 am