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August 14, 2006


Just as the song’s protagonist couldn’t wait to leave Suck City and, being very impatient with the bureaucratic machinations of a huge corporate entity like Ashmont Records, Inc. (member, Dorchester Board of Trade), we couldn’t wait to release a brand new track from the new Pernice Brothers record Live a Little, due out in the fall of 2006. It is accompanied by a big-budget Hollywood video, which, like many major American films, was shot in Ontario. So, with a tip of the scally cap to Nick Flynn, who like Joe Pernice, grew up on the Irish Riviera (Boston’s South Shore), very far away from the bucolic hamlet referenced in the song, we give you “Somerville,” a new song by Joe Pernice. Download it for free, and tell all your friends.

Joyce @ 7:13 pm