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August 27, 2006

Mad Lib

Barry Bonds is still second on the all-time homer list, and Pluto has been stripped of its status as a planet? I guess that’s a cheap shot at Barry. I just like baseball a lot so I took that route. You can plug in any name into the following sentence, like a mad lib:

“I cannot believe (proper noun) is still the/a (noun), and Pluto has been stripped of its status as a planet?”

If you read Joyce’s last blog, you might notice she, in a markedly less sophisticated way than I’ve done here, clumsily tried to make me, Joe Pernice, the proper noun in the above mad lib. Such shameless straightmannery on her part.

Mad Lib story 2. I bought a book of Mad Libs for the band to do while criss crossing the country on our last tour. It got very boring very quickly. Everyone kept inserting words like “pouch of douglas” and “bulbous spungeosis” for nouns, and “fistulated” for an adjective. Snorsville, USA.

Mad Lib story 3. I’m a bout 12 years old. My sister Kara is 10. She comes up with an adjective and noun that complete a Mad Lib that still cracks us up:

“All my life I wanted to be a scientist. Now I’m nothing but a hairy candle.”

In my opinion, you could put a byline punctuated by Theodore Roethke or Phil Levine after a line like that.

Anyway, Pluto doesn’t need me or anybody else speaking for it.

“So, until next time, go and invent a (noun), and (verb) until your (noun) becomes inflamed.”

Joe @ 8:11 am