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August 30, 2006

Guy's, you should of came to Malaprop.

So we started streaming a few songs from the upcoming release. In case you’re interested, here are some thoughts I have regarding the songs.

1. Cruelty to Animals.
This is one of my personal favorites from all of my tunes. But before anyone writes to the site scolding me about advocating such a thing, I say this: It’s a metaphor. Sure, I’ve won a mind game or two in spectacularly cavalier fashion, but I have never been obdurately cruel to anyone/anything.

This begs a question I don’t feel like answering right here. Say a protagonist is an unlikeable prick, does that mean the author/writer is? I guess it’s neither here nor there. My song is a love song.

And for the those who are offended by my use of French in the tune, I say, “Hang on, Stringbean. That’s Canadian you’re hearing.”

2. Somerville.
You know, Boston is far from being the greatest city ever invented. But I’m from there, and I miss it. I have friends in Toledo, El Paso and Detroit who feel the same way about those towns.

I wanted to write a tune that tipped its hat to “It Never Rains in Southern California” and Nick Flynn’s book. The latter contains, among other strokes of brilliance, an entire chapter of nothing but different expressions for being wasted. It’s very funny. Then it’s very sad.

3. Grudge F*** (2006)
This is tune I always wanted a second crack at. And crack we did.
I’ve told the tale at shows, but in case you weren’t there, here’s the very short version: The song is kind of a companion piece to the Gin Blossoms’ smash hit, “Hey Jealousy.” I liked that song just fine, but always thought it wasn’t potentially mean enough. I wanted it to be unclear as to whether my protagonist was sincere or obdurately cruel (which is something I would never abdicate. Irregardless, it’s a mute point. I’d just assume cut off my own head.)

Joe @ 10:24 am